Woodbury University School of Architecture | Studio 3A | Fall 2017 | Flood, Boberska, Peter, Neveu



Tartan Cloud

Tartan Cloud takes the underlaying diagram that is a tartan grid from the Boston City Hall and uses it vertically to create a pipe system. This dense pipe system creates voids, but because of the density it provides privacy. The grid system allowed for housing to be placed in the voids that were created by the grid. The institute differs from the housing by not following the rules of the grid, but instead the program conflicts with the grid. The landscape was altered from the original to bend the linear shadows of the pipes, so that the linearity is no longer seen on the floor, but that curvature is now seen. The landscape provides a soft scape in the middle of a dense city that is surrounded by concrete.


Boston City Hall


Housing and Research institute


Shadow of massing model being bent by softscape


Combined massing: Classmate, Ashni Patel's and my massing.

Diagram: Program



Section: Library, Research Facilities and Housing