Woodbury University School of Architecture | Studio 1A | Fall 2015 | Flood, Gharakhani, King


Folded Light

Folded Light resulted in the intersection of Fractured Light, a gem like mass and Spilled Light, a mass with cylindrical voids. Fractured Light’s gem like geometry fractures light into different shades of black. Spilled Light, does not fractures light but diffuses the light across it’s cylindrical voids. When the Folded Light and Spilled light come into contact they don’t meet at a seem and attempt to become one mass. Fracture Light anchors to the site and Spilled light hangs over the site. The edges of Spilled Light cast shadows onto the faceted surfaces playing with the theme of light dark.





Fractured Light


Spilled Light


Fractured Light                     +                      Spilled Light

Intersecting Model


Plans and Sections