Woodbury University School of Architecture | Design Village | Spring 2016 | King

Excuse Me While I Pixelate The Sky


“Excuse Me, While I Pixelate” the Sky strives for invisibility and immateriality. Building materials were chosen not for
their physical properties or appearance, but for their ability to react, enhance or blend into the existing
environment. Conceptually, the primary materials are the earth and the sky. Using contemporary algorithms
design software, each acrylic tube topped with mirrored acrylic was assigned a unique height, creating an
undulating skyscape at and below eye level. Points were
created at specific locations on and around the perimeter
denying the low elevation areas of the project, denying both the entry and views both in and out of the structure.
As one walks through the experiential path, the mirrors (and the sky) rise creating a sense of interiority. Along the
path, the structure dematerializes creating areas in which the inhabitants can sleep between the earth and the sky.




Left to right: Jose Monroy, Miguel Ruiz, Sejal Bahety, Jason King, Vanessa Shealy, Amir Fakharian, Weidon Zhou


Concept Model