Arroz, Maiz, y Atun | Fall 2016 | Natura Futura

Confi - Tonic


Arroz, Maiz y Atun translates to rice, corn, and tuna and when there is nothing else in the fridge to eat we always know that in the pantry there will always be rice, corn and tuna. The reason there is always rice, corn and tuna in the pantry is because of their low cost. The 3 day workshop consisted of 25 student from all over Latin America and divided into 5 teams of 5. The workshop was taught by a collective from Ecuador, Natura Futura, within the framework of ELEA (Encuentro Latino American de Estudiantes de Arquitectura).

We were given the task to explore the historical center of Zacatecas City and look at the normality of everyday life of a locals. my group consisted of 2 people from Panama, Ana and Diego and two from Mexico, Emmanuel and Rogelio. Our group noticed that were ever you went there was that interaction with street vendors whether you bought something or were in your way. We noticed that a street vendor has to bring a table to sell their candy and would also have to carry the merchandize, we saw that as an informality.

Our task now was to find a different way of selling candy, but there was a problem, we could not come up with a solution. Fausto a member of Natura Futura told us a storyabout David Bowie and Queen, and how we needed to relax and have fun in doing so. We came up with the solution of a candy dispenser that would be worn as a backpack. Tying back the the name of this workshop, we were to build a prototype made out of low cost material, cardboard, paint , paper, and textile.




From left to right: Diego Segundo, Rogelio Ortiz, Miguel Ruiz, Ana Arauz

 Local Kid interacting with dispenser and Rogelio

Local Kid interacting with dispenser and Rogelio


Ana interacting with panalist and students who were
atteneding ELEA.


Car driving by, stopped us and asked what it was and bought candy.

Sold candy inside a museum, that is something a street vendor with a table cant do.


A local man notices what we are doing and tells us his story of how his family started as street vendors and now has a candy company making candy.